The Art of Divorce – Russell Crowe & Sotheby's International Hosts a Divorce Auction in Sidney Australia

The Art of Divorce – Russell Crowe & Sotheby’s International Hosts a Divorce Auction in Sidney Australia


Is the divorce auction the hot new thing in the divorce industry? Yes, divorce auctions are the hottest new buzz in the divorce industry and  Divorce auction may be exactly the thing need to get over your divorce, my friend.

If you have any doubts about the potential psychological advantage you can get from having one of these, call up Hollywood actor and Australian native Russell Crowe and ask him how he felt when he auctioned off all the stuff he had accumulated during his 15-year marriage to fellow Aussie Danielle Spencer. Danielle had famously beat out actress Meg Ryan for Crowe’s affection in the 1990s and the two went on to marry and have two sons. But the love did not survive and the marriage subsequently ended in divorce.

Not to worry,¬† Russell went ahead and contacted Sotheby’s about having an auction to get rid of all the memories he could no longer bear to live with and they coined the event Russell Crowe The Art of Divorce – Sotheby’s Australia.

All of a sudden, having a divorce auction became the hottest ticket in town.
How is that for the latest divorce buzz?

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