Michael Avenatti Divorce: Why Did Stormy Daniels' Attorney's Wife Lisa Storie Lock Him Out of the House

Why did Michael Avenatti divorce his wife Lisa Storie?

Hotshot race-car driving attorney Michael Avenatti, otherwise known as hottie avenatti, is the talk of the town. People have so many questions including “why did Michael Avenatti divorce his beautiful wife Lisa Storie and why did she lock him out of the marital residence in Newport Beach California”?

Michael Avenatti became famous as a result of his representation of the porn star Stormy Daniels in a civil lawsuit against then sitting US President Donald Trump. In case you don’t know about this story (and maybe you have been living under a rock) Stormy Daniels sued President Trump in 2017 to get out of a non-disclosure agreement she had signed with him, in which she agreed to keep the secret that they had had a sexual/extra-marital relationship, in exchange for $130,000 USD.

This case rendered Michael Avenatti a superstar in social media. His representation of this woman, Stormy Daniels, can be fairly described as “very aggressive” but perhaps it is his chiseled good looks as well as his enviable Tom Ford wardrobe (and the pale blue eyes) that really caught the attention of many pulsating and gyrating husband seekers the world over.
Women (and perhaps some men) have started to take a hard look at the California attorney after he made several disclosures about the President and the president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. People saw him as brave, tough, aggressive, and competent (supposedly all the attributes that make a guy like that a good catch) and then the whole thing coalesced, and next thing you know, he was “famous” and dating supermodels like Christie Brinkley.

After this point, people wanted to know everything about him, including of course his personal biography. Low and behold, it was discovered that he was going through a divorce from his beautiful businesswoman wife Lisa Storie during this wild and infamous case – and in fact, she accused him of being too busy with the porn star’s case to pay attention to the divorce which she badly wanted to put behind her.

And then it came out that she had locked him out of the marital home and she challenged the public to figure out “where did he spend all their money and on what” during the marriage. It turns out that he and his estranged wife lived a very lavish lifestyle that included a private jet and a lakeside home in Newport Beach California.

According to published accounts, the Avenattis’ net-worth was north of $10 million, though Mr. Avenatti and/or his businesses (he had several including a coffee chain called Tullys) were allegedly involved in numerous lawsuits and he allegedly had a few tax liens outstanding for hundreds of thousands of dollars, that had the potential to leave him destitute.
The question in this post is Why did Michael Avenatti divorce his wife of only 5 years? Seriously, why would a guy like that get locked out of his own home by his own wife?  Normally, when a wife locks the husband out of the marital residence any of the following reasons could be the cause:

  • He is physically abusive
  • He is a serial cheater
  • He drinks or does illicit drugs
  • He gambles away the family fortune
  • He is a workaholic

There is no indication that any of these reasons were cited by Lisa Avenatti so no one so far can answer the question “why did Michael Avenatti divorce his wife”?¬† Because in fact, he is the one who filed for divorce apparently. She locked him out and he then turned around and filed a divorce petition. So no one knows what the problem as but rest assured that it is not normal for a wife to lock her husband out of the house if he is being a “good husband.”
It is a bit disappointing, given that Mr. Avenatti is so darn hot!