Jeff Bezos Divorce Updates: Could World Richest Man and Amazon CEO Reconcile with Wife Mackenzie Bezos?

Jeff Bezos Divorce: Is there a reconciliation in the offing between Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos?

Jeff Bezos divorce is blowing up all the headlines for the last few days. The Amazon exec has had a very tumultuous 2019 so far and the year is not even two months old. The billionaire entrepreneur and Forbes List Richest Man in the World recently announced an impending divorce from wife of 25 years Mackenzie Bezos. The couple has four beautiful children together and are partners in various ventures including a $2 billion dollar fund to aid homelessness and open day care centers in low income areas around the United States.
Why are the Bezoses getting divorced in the first place? A lot of people blame former TV anchor Lauren Sanchez for the impending split. Jeff and Lauren were having an affair for sometime, it is alleged, and due to that, his marriage to Mackenzie imploded. That is one theory. Another theory is tha the Bezos marriage had already imploded long before Lauren Sanchez sashayed in and “stole” Jeff from Mackenzie. Apparently, Jeff and Mackenzie were “separated” before he started to date Lauren and so the story is that it is “unfair” to blame Lauren for their split.
Whatever the truth of the matter, Jef and Mackenzie seem intent on having an amicable split or “conscious uncoupling” as the case may be. Indeed, they issued a joint statement on Twitter announcing their intent to split and their continued and ongoing friendship and co-parenting status. That was until the bombshell reportage in the National Enquirer that seems to suggest that the split may not be so amicable at all.
Jeff and the National Enquirer are going at it due to the Enquirer’s alleged attempt to “extort” and “blackmail” Jeff by publishing steamy text messages he and Lauren had exchanged long before the divorce with Mackenzie was announced. It is a huge story that gets bigger and bigger everyday and it could result in criminal charges being filed since blackmail and extortion are against the law. This is an ongoing saga and so it is unclear what the facts and truth are but it is the big story of the day, this feud between Jeff Bezos and the Enquirer.
The thing is that this split is very bad for Brand Jeff Bezos and it is also bad for Amazon stock which saw its stock price plummet by more than $100 since the divorce was announced. On top of that, it looks like Lauren’s family member might have betrayed the couple by releasing the intimate text messages she shared with her boyfriend, Mr Bezos. That, and other reasons, like the children and Jeff just beginning to get a reality check of what he is about to do (not the least of which is the splitting up of Amazon stock and other assets in this very expensive divorce) is said by some insiders to be causing Jeff to have second thoughts about this divorce. He is starting to think this whole thing is just bad luck – leaving his wife. It is starting to feel like bad luck.
No one knows yet if he will actually pull the plug on the divorce. He could still go through with it. But there is speculation that he is having serious second thoughts. It is not that he is not into Lauren Sanchez big time. There clearly is a deep attraction and love connection there. But he also loves Mackenzie and she has been the wind beneath his wings for  a very long time and while marriage is difficult, it is hard to forget all those good times and to toss it all away without giving it a good fight.
Jeff felt he had given it all he could which is why he started to date Lauren in the first place but now, there is talk that he is beginning to wonder about that. Could he have tried a bit harder to save his marriage? This is the question that he is toying with at this time.
Time will tell how this plays out.