Meghan and Harry Divorce Updates

Meghan and Harry are not getting a divorce but how right was I when I wrote this post-

I called it right at every turn, didn’t I? I did not expect things to implode as quickly as they did but I was right about how things were really evolving or not evolving behind the scenes. You can call me psychic.

Notice I did not predict a divorce for Meghan and Harry in that post. I only highlighted the scenarios that could have led to trouble for them within 5 years of marriage.

Do I still think they are in danger of getting a divorce now that they have stepped back as senior royals and moved to Canada? Well put it this way: They have to be very, very careful. They are not out of danger. They did the right thing for their marriage and family by moving away. But they are not out of the woods yet as far as divorce is concerned. On the contrary, the next few ensuing months are going to be very critical for the couple as they navigate this huge change in their lives and in their marriage.

What needs to happen now? What does Meghan and Harry need to do and to think about? Here are some key issues I think they must be mindful of:


Meghan and Harry need to really choreograph their public appearances for the forseeable future. So far, since she moved to Canada, It looks like Meghan gets that she is dealing with a beast and that the beast wants to consume her and spit her out in a pit of hell. And she understands, it appears, that the less she is seen by the beast, the better off she is going to be in the long run. But it doesn’t means she has to disappear for an entire year either. Her appearances in London to carry out her last duties as a working royal were brilliant, for example. She shone. She was radiant. She was triumphant. It was perfect. She silenced her critics who could scarcely believe her beauty, poise, and strength after all they had done to tear her down.

One of the reasons that was so successful was because prior to that, they had not seen very much of the Duchess. So they were panting, scarcely able to conceal their anticipation of what she would look like and how she would act under the spotlight. In her absence, their hearts had grown fonder in a twisted kind of way and when she appeared, they could not believe it, it was like they were looking at an angel.

The next time she comes out of her hideout in Canada is not going to be the same because they are up to her now. They know she can look amazing even when she is dealing with hatred unlike anything since the coronavirus. So her strategy will have to be a little bit different. That is why I said they have to be choreographed.

First, they have to see very little of her and when they do see her, it has to be memorable and different and something they don’t expect. She has to stay in total control of her PR and her public persona. She has to design it as best as she can. So does her husband, btw.


Harry and Meghan have to think carefully about their social media strategy and say less rather than more. Because everything they say and do will be twisted around and this can cause stress in their relationship in the end. SILENCE IS GOLDEN. However, they are not going to be able to be totally silent and they shouldn’t be if they want to continue to build their public profiles and earn a living. They need their celebrity in order to earn their living and their celebrity depends on people seeing them and hearing them and getting updates about them from their social media including their very popular Instagram account. But they have to be very careful about messaging and they have to be uber careful about what they post, when and why and how much. Because anything that causes the media to attack them in the press will stress their marriage behind the scenes and will contribute to the breakdown of their relationship and ultimately lead to divorce. So they have to keep their relationship from being stressed and one way is to carefully manage their social media to avoid outside interferences and intrusions from negatively impacting their marriage. They both really have to be on the same page with this.


Meghan and Harry have to be very careful about who they trust and what they tell their friends and confidants. They literally have to trust only each other. Friends come and go and they change. They can turn on your unexpectedly. Even family can change and sell you out. But friends definitely have to be carefully managed with secrets and scoops and their private business. The key is to keep the press and the outside world from knowing too much about their business. The key is their privacy. This is why they left UK, is for privacy. The wrong friends in Canada or America or anywhere will destroy that and ultimately will destroy their marriage. TRUST NO ONE. That is my advice to the Sussexes.


Being in love is hard to sustain over a long period of time. The honeymoon period of any relationship lasts about one year and after that, real life begins. So Meghan and Harry cannot expect to be on a honeymoon forever, but they do need to keep being in love no matter what. They need to date each other and nuture each other and they need to commit to growing as a couple and changing and evolving as their relationship demands. They must not seek to stay static. A relationship is dynamic. At the same time, no matter how difficult it gets, the must remember this about love “love is gentle, kind, slow to anger and quick to forgive.” If they can keep this in mind and commit to living this credo, they will avoid divorce in five years.


Nothing can break up a marriage like health related issues. Both Meghan and Harry must work at maintaining their physical and mental health. So that they can be strong and continute to be there for each other. They must guard against letting themselves go, indulging in alcohol or other illicit substances and falling into depression and things like that. Because these things will destroy their marriage quicker than anything else.


Meghan and Harry must be careful not to take each other for granted. They are each individuals with their own fears, ideas, needs and challenges. Yes, they love each other and are a married couple, but they need to respect each other fundamentally at all times and not lose respect for each other’s individuality. Neither should take for granted that the other is obliged to feel any particular way about anything, for example. Their situation is difficult especially because of the public scrutinty. Neither will feel happy all the time, or in the mood, or will be necessarily 100 percent sensitive to every nuanced moment. And they need to give each other space to have a lapse from time to time. Forgiveness has to be a very big part of their relationship. They quite simply cannot afford to hold grudges because this will result in their divorce.


Money can be a very big source of problems in a marriage and in the situation that Meghan and Harry find themselves, who knows how this will all pan out financially? Their lifestyle is expensive and they are going to have to make a lot of money in order to finance it. How will they do it? Time will tell but fights about money could be one of the biggest risk to their marriage. They need to strategize early on, exactly how they will go about things. They need to have their business plan drawn up. And with this as with everything else, they need to be careful about the advice they accept and from whom they accept it.