Coronavirus Stimulus Package Checks From the Federal Govt. Could Ruin Your Marriage and Lead to Divorce If You are Not Careful.

“Coronavirus Stimulus Package Checks From the Govt. Could Ruin Your Marriage and Lead to Divorce,” says Brian Ryan, an attorney in Louisiana. And he could very well be right.

As the President prepares to send checks to American households who have been quarantined for days as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many families have already spent the money before it even arrives. At least, they think they have. Because they have discussed it at length and they have an agreement of how they are going to spend it.

The problem is that what they agreed in theory and what will actually happen once that check arrives could be the difference between night and day. And this could be trouble for marriage. It is imaginable that many marriages could literally disintegrate because of the disagreements and fights that will ensue when people realize that the money is not getting spent the way they had agreed.

People are advised to draw up agreements before the check even arrives so that they can reduce the danger of fights and quarrels that could lead to divorce. It would be a shame to let the coronavirus stimulus package – something that is meant to help families – end up destroying families.

Stop the coronavirus stimulus check from destroying your marriage and leading to divorce by signing an agreement today with your spouse about how you are going to spend that money.