On Piers Morgan's Acrimonious Divorce Split From Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan’s acrimonious divorce from Meghan Markle is a head-scratcher for everyone, including myself because the British TV personality and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor have never actually been married but there are definitely lessons to be learned for future aspiring duchesses.

Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor nee Meghan Markle has been a married woman for about two years. She married a Duke named the Duke of Sussex Harry Mountbatten Windsor. Admittedly, this is a higher title than if she had married Piers. She would have been Mrs Morgan if she had married Piers. It would have been a little bit less, shall we say, posh than her being Meghan Duchess of Sussex?

OK. It is clear the difference in title would have been immense if Meghan Mountbaten Windsor had chosen Piers as her husband. However, Piers Morgan’s acrimonious divorce from Mrs Mountbatten Windsor is still bewildering.

They only had one date according to the record. It was an early evening/afternoon and they met for a pint. Before that, they had exchanged some emails and texts messages but it is pretty apparent that they had not had any face to face contact prior to and after their little RDV with the pint.

It seems this was enough to leave an impact on Piers. He seems to have fallen for the then future duchess in a big, hard way. Not that we are suggesting anything lewd because Piers is a married chap. And his wife is stunning and seems quite the handful. Which just makes it all the more bewildering. Because he is clearly obsessed with Mrs Mountbatten Windsor but he has his hands full to the brim at home.

Meghan Markle clearly left Mr Morgan feeling rejected. And his hell has been furious and unforgiving as he unleashes on her on a daily basis, even after she escaped all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to a rented cottage on the Pacific Coast in Malibu.

Had Piers Morgan and Mrs Mountbatten Windsor actually had ever married and then had had a real divorce, it would have given new meaning to the word “acrimonious.” Someone might have died, actually, because the anger and rage would have been just off the charts because if he is this angry after just one “date” where they had a pint, imagine what would have taken place if they had been together a couple of years and there were kids involved.

The lesson from Piers Morgan’s acrimonious divorce from Meghan Markle is be careful who you agree to have a pint with because you never know if you will meet a duke right after. And obviously if you marry a duke, you can’t be exchanging text messages and facetime with a total stranger you met only once (or any of your exes quite frankly) because it would be disrespectful to your Duke and it could also end up in the press and destroy your reputation. They would call you a trollop and a lollipop and you would embarass your duke. So the lesson is, before you agree to have a pint with a Piers Morgan type, make sure you are not just hours away from meeting your prince charming who also happens to be a duke. Otherwise, Piers will try to ruin it for you because, yes, he will get JEALOUS.