How to hide assets: Use Bitcoins!

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Bitcoins allow divorcing parties to hide assets digitally and put marital property out of the reach of their spouses, lawyers and courts

U.S. A stronger economy has led to an increase in the divorce rate – Bloomberg

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According to a recent article from Bloomberg News, more Americans are getting divorced in the post 2009 Great Recession era. It almost sounds like this might be a good thing – at least for the U.S. economy given that there is a corresponding positive impact on several economic drivers such as “demand for housing” which in …

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Divorce & Margarine consumption are apparently weirdly correlated

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So apparently, a cheeky law student over at Harvard has identified a correlation between margarine consumption and the divorce rate in Maine. As consumption of margarine increases, divorce in Maine likewise goes up. There is therefore a directe correlation between the two variable. Does this mean that margarine consumption causes divorce in Maine? Not necessarily. …

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What is the difference between “income” and “assets” in a divorce proceeding?

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Assets are usually split according to a community property or equitable distribution scheme and these would be things like real estate, expensive jewelry, copyrights/trademarks, GOLD, stamp collections, companies, bonuses, lottery winnings, stocks, bonds, trust funds and other indices’s of “wealth” that may not be so liquid, like “appreciation,” “goodwill” and “stake.”

10 Ways to Get More Clients – A Primer for Divorce Lawyers and divorce experts


If a divorce lawyer or solicitor can’t make it rain clients, your divorce practice cannot survive. This is a basic axiom of attorney business development strategists. An attorney has to be able to make it rain. But how? This is hardly a skill practiced or taught in law school. At least it wasn’t in the 1990s. On top of that, family law is a tough and competitive area of law. It has the most lawyers who congregate in it and for that reason, there isn’t enough clients to go around sometmes. This is true locally and internationally as well – even though International Divorce is a little bit less crowded since it requires perhaps a higher level of expertise and sophistication and legal know how.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian could be on the brink of divorce according to sources

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It seems that keeping up with the Kardashians has been too much for sports personality, Lamar Odom. The basketball star who reportedly has become free agent this season, is allegedly battling many personal challenges which could be having severe and negative conséquences to his marriage to Khloe Kardashian, the third of the three famous sisters …

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