Dear Family Law Attorney: Do you "Share" Fees with

extreme weight loss after divorce

Apparently is potentially “sharing” legal fees with attorneys, including Family law attorneys who advertise on its website according to a recent advisory opinion. And this violate attorney ethics rules. Lawyers apparently pay a “marketing fee” to in exchange for, I guess, clients and exposure. ¬†According to the American Bar Association: which reported on …

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SALT LAKE CITY: DIY Divorce Workshop

postnuptial agreement DIY Divorc e Workshop – August 11th through August 13th If you don’t want to hire an attorney because it’s too expensive, but you realize you need the direction and advice of a good attorney, we have the best of both worlds for you. The “Do it Yourself Divorce Workshop” will provide you with …

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How to dress for divorce court

Just like your wedding was all about your dress (nobody cared what your husband wore), so too, the divorce is the woman’s show and what she wears to divorce court can impact the outcome for her. So exercise caution.