Brad Pitt Divorce Diary # 2

Dear Diary I am Brad Pitt. This is my divorce diary. This is my second go at this. I am becoming a writer. I write in my little divorce journal. Does this make me less manly? I don’t really care. I don’t mind being in touch my feminine side. My manhood is totally secure. I …

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Brad Pitt Divorce Diary

men susceptible to suicide

Brad Pitt Divorce Diary Man oh, man. 53-year-old guys are not even supposed to write in divorce diaries. But somebody told me it is good therapy. I feel like I need good therapy. I have a therapist and I get help but I figure an extra outlet can’t do too much damage. So I am …

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Divorce Diary of Mel B

Gwyneth Paltrow engaged

If you find this divorce diary please return it to Mel B Divorce Diary of Mel B Divorce Diary are you there? Lord a mercy. Lord. Have. Is. Thou. Mercy! I am in a soup! How did I get into this PR soup of a nasty divorce such as this?? My dear, dear divorce diary, …

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Divorce Diary of Halle Berry

high asset divorce

  Dear Diary, I had to talk about my 3 divorces today and it just made me feel all sweaty and icky. I hate to talk about any of it, David, Eric and Olivier. And even Gabriel. It wasn’t a marriage but it was in many ways so much more significant. Because of Nahla. I …

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