Your Divorce Financial Checklist: What Should Be on it? #DIVORCE FINANCIAL CHECKLIST When it comes to your finances and divorce you would be wise to take these steps the moment you realize (and sometimes even before #DIVORCE FINANCIAL CHECKLIST) that a divorce is on the horizon:   Plan for your children’s post divorce life. What will …


Do you need a "divorce loan"?

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SHOULD YOU TAKE OUT A DIVORCE LOAN to HELP MAINTAIN YOUR STANDARD OF LIVING When you are going through divorce and you are not the spouse with the money, you often need a little bit of financial assistance to tide you over. Many people take out a divorce loan to get them through the rough …

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To Improve Their Financial Situation After Divorce What Can 21st Century Women Do?

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Improve your Financial Situation After Divorce with these strategies, ladies! Why is the financial situation after divorce still so dire for so many women? Why are women still getting the financial shaft when they get divorced? The financial situation after divorce for a lot of women is quite dire. I was reading this article on …

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Pensions, divorce: What rights do you have?

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As a general rule, pensions are marital property. You have a right to the share of your spouse’s pension even if you have been divorced décades before your spouse retires. Like real estate, stocks, and cash, pensions will be divided up between the two people after a divorce.

How to get your money's worth when divorcing a dentist spouse

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when you are getting a divorce from someone who has a professional license and their own business, like dentists, you must get an appraisal of the value of the business before you start to negotiate an equitable settlement. Also, it helps to have an expert testify at the trial about the value of the business.