What to Read When You Are Divorcing

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There are many books to read when you are divorcing. Our own (sometimes) Editor in Chief has written a series of books called How to Divorce which you can access here.

On Marrying and Divorcing a BULLY

People mistakenly think that bullies are only found on school yard playgrounds. “This is such a misconception!” exclaims our editor in chief who has penned a new book about bullying. “Some of the greatest bullies are sleeping right in your bed! And familial bullying or spousal bullying can be one of the most pernicious forms …

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Divorce Books: Self-Help For People going through separation, divorce & marital problems

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THESE WEBSITES OFFER LISTS OF WORTHWHILE BOOKS TO READ IF YOU ARE GOING THROUGH DIVORCE There are so many websites that provide listings of divorce books and resources for people seeking self-help books about separation and divorce. Below is a list of some of those websites.   JUST CLICK THE LINK AND GO TO THE …

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On Writing a book about your divorce: 12 tips to help you publish on Kindle

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Divorce Saloon’s bookstore for our self-help divorce e-books on topics such as Divorce and separation, divorce support, divorce help, divorce books for tweens, etc. is now open. Remember that our bookstore is growing and expanding everyday so if you don’t find what you are searching for, check back again in a few and it could be there.

Read an Excerpt From "Infidelity: Cheating, Love Affairs & Divorce"

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So I am on a quest to write 100 books, most of which — but not all — will be on the subject of divorce. Can you imagine anybody writing 100 divorce books? I think this is not possible. I would not even try. Even though the subject of divorce and separation and marriage is a very fertile topic and there are so many different angles and nuances to it. So I think it is possible to get a ton of books out of the subject of divorce but I am not going to write 100 books on the subject of divorce. I will write 100 books some of which will be on the subject of divorce. But I have so many other things I would like to write about than just divorce.

12 Good Divorce Books on Amazon Bestsellers List

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In the compilation below, I have chosen just 10 Divorce books that you could find interesting. A few deal with divorce and custody, divorce & children which are subjects we have tackled quite a bit on Divorce Saloon, and which is a topic that will be explored in my next trilogy of books about divorce. At the end of this list, I provide you with the link to my blog about books I am working on where you can see what book I am up to. (I have decided to write 100 books! Though not all of them will be divorce books)

My New Blog About Books

So, I have started a spin off blog on Blogger. How many blogs does this make that I am working on simultaneously? Don’t even ask. How long will I be blogging on it before I promptly forget I even have the blog and then I can’t remember the email and password to get into the …

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