Meghan and Harry Divorce Updates

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Do I still think Meghan and Harry are in danger of getting a divorce now that they have stepped back as senior royals and moved to Canada? Well put it this way: They have to be very, very careful. They are not out of danger. They did the right thing for their marriage and family by moving away. But they are not out of the woods yet as far as divorce is concerned. On the contrary, the next few ensuing months are going to be very critical for the couple as they navigate this huge change in their lives and in their marriage.

Justin Theroux Divorce Diary

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Dear Diary, I am sorta not feeling that great. Everywhere I look I see headlines “Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux divorce.” It’s kinda weird to tell you the truth. I feel kinda weird. Don’t get me wrong: I am the one who initiated the divorce. But it feels weird anyway. I feel bad. It is not …

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Celebrity Divorce Predictions – 2018: Who Will Split Up in the Next Few Months?

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CELEBRITY DIVORCE PREDICTIONS 2018 Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling This couple is very private and they are parents to two young daughters. Nobody really knows their business which is nice and refreshing in Hollywood. Eva is no Kim Kardashian who spills it all on Instagram. But even behind closed doors such as theirs, lurks problems. …

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