Divorce in Iowa: FAQs for Divorce Lawyers in Iowa

Iowa Divorce Lawyer

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1.     What is the residency requirement to file for divorce in Iowa?
Iowa divorce lawyer: One year usually.
2. Can I file for divorce anywhere in the state?
Iowa divorce lawyer: Usually you have to file in the county court where you live.
3. How much does it cost?
Iowa divorce lawyer: It depends.  Go to this page.
4. How long does a divorce take in Iowa?
It depends. Minimum of 90 days
5. How much child support can I get?
Child support is based on the child support formula and guidelines as it is in most other states.
6. Is it possible to do my own divorce in Iowa?
7. Can I resume my maiden name? What about the children? Can I change their name?
Normally yes you can resume your maiden name. The children could be more complicated. If over 14, you need the child’s consent. If under, you need the consent of the other parent and a court hearing will likely be required if there is a dispute.
8. How soon can I remarry after getting divorce in Iowa?
After the divorce is finalized and entered into the court’s dockets as final.
9. How is property division handled in Iowa?
Iowa is a community property state. That means there is a presumption that everything will be split 50/50.
10. When does child support end in Iowa?
Around age 19 (if the child is in high school or college) but if not at age 18 usually. It could actually go up to age 20 in some cases.
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