Divorce in Minnesota: FAQS for Divorce Lawyers in Minnesota

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1.     What is the residency requirement to file for divorce in Minnesota?
Minnesota divorce lawyer: Six months minimum for at least one spouse. 180 days.
2. Can I file for divorce anywhere in the state?
Minnesota divorce lawyer: It is better to file in the county where one of you lives. But you can probably file anywhere in Minnesota.
3. How much does it cost?
Minnesota divorce lawyer: It depends. Is it contested or uncontested. Lawyers charge varying amounts per hour. The court filing fees, though, are some of the highest in the nation. Check this page which is organized alphabetically by state to see how much it costs to file the petition in the state of Minnesota.
How long does it take to get divorced in Minnesota?
It depends. If it uncontested and you have no kids it can take as little as six weeks is possible. If it is contested, it will take longer. A year is possible in the more difficult cases.
5. How much child support can I get?
The court will make a determination based on your monthly gross income and that of your child’s other parent  – your ex. Child support is based on the child support formula or guidelines as it is in most other states.
6. Is it possible to do my own divorce in Minnesota?
All is possible. You can do it yourself if you feel you are competent. Always better to get a lawyer though, especially if it is contested, you have kids and there are property division issues.
7. Can I resume my maiden name?
Of course but you have to ask in your petition.
8. How soon can I remarry after getting divorce in Minnesota?
As soon as the divorce is “entered.”
9. How is property division handled in Minnesota?
Minnesota is an equitable distribution state. So it is going to come down to what the court thinks is fair.
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