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Find a divorce & family lawyer in New Jersey who will fight for you. The best divorce Lawyers in New Jersey offer free consultations to their clients. New Jersey divorce lawyers offer quick and efficient divorce advice to their clients. Divorce lawyers in New Jersey handle Alimony, Spousal Support, Child Custody, Divorce Mediation, Equitable Distribution, Separation and Prenuptial Agreements. Free Consultations are available.
The top divorce lawyers in New Jersey, Freehold, Morristown, Mount Laurel, the Jersey Shore, South Jersey, Bergen County, Hoboken, Westfield, Bedminister, Hackensack, Parsippany, and more.
Many New Jersey divorce lawyers also handle cases in New York.

How to File for Divorce in New Jersey: First steps

  1. The first step to filing for divorce in New Jersey of course is to decide you are ready to file.
  2. Then, gather up all the documents you can think of will help to provide information and clarity about any particular issue in your divorce action (your lawyer will need all the paperwork she or he can get)
  3. After that, research lawyers. Call up a few and set up a few free consultations.
  4. During the consultation, observe and listen to figure out the competence of the lawyer as well as the compatibility between the two of you.
  5. As the lawyer as many questions as possible to make an informed decision about your filing, and about the lawyer’s expertise.
  6. Get information about the financial aspects of divorce including the amount you will have to pay your lawyer by the hour and the amount you will have to pay up front and how that is billed.
  7. Figure out how you will get the papers to your spouse. (you have to serve your spouse even if you don’t know where he or she is).
  8. Let the lawyer know if you will need exclusive occupancy of the home due to violence or things like that and be ready to provide proof for the court.
  9. Tell the kids and other family members about your decision to file.
  10. Ask for help with household and living expenses in the initial papers.

Divorce New Jersey Style

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divorce lawyers in nj free consultation

There are many divorce lawyers in New Jersey who offer free consultations. It should not be difficult if you do the research to find a good New Jersey divorce attorney who also offers free consultation. Most New Jersey divorce lawyers probably would offer free initial consultation.

top divorce lawyers in nj

The top divorce lawyers in NJ are found all over the state. Do not judge a divorce lawyer in New Jersey only by the law school he or she went to. It is about the experience the divorce lawyer has accrued after a number of years practicing divorce and family law in the state.

divorce lawyers in nj cost

The cost for New Jersey Divorce lawyers varies. There are roughly three categories of divorce lawyers and what they charge and this is true not just in New Jersey but nationwide. Divorce attorneys fees are either are cheap, reasonably priced and expensive. You have to do the homework because the price of the lawyer does not always guarantee the results.

cheap divorce lawyers in nj

New Jersey divorce lawyers who are “cheap” appeal to clients who may have an uncontested divorce situation that does not require a lot of legal research and who do not want to go to trial and things like that. Many clients can appreciate a cheap divorce lawyer in New Jersey for the simple reason that they do not want to break the bank just to end the marriage.

divorce lawyers in south jersey free consultation

pro bono divorce lawyers nj

New Jersey divorce lawyers sometimes offer pro bono services that means you do not have to pay it is free. It depends on the lawyer and the situation, though so you have to do your research.

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New Jersey Divorce Lawyers are often asked certain questions by clients who are canvassing for a divorce lawyer and want as much information as they can about the process. Some of these frequently asked questions appear below. Please not that nothing on this website is legal advice. You must consult with an attorney and sign a retainer agreement in order to obtain legal advice.

  1. Divorce in New Jersey: What are the grounds for divorce in New Jersey?

The grounds for divorce in New Jersey include no fault, irreconcilable differences, desertion, incarceration or imprisonment, insanity, habitual drunkenness, drug habituation, sexual deviance, adultery and cruelty.

2. Divorce in New Jersey: What is residency requirement to file for divorce in New Jersey?

A minimum of one year residency is required in order to file for divorce in New Jersey.

3. Divorce in New Jersey: How much is the court filing fee for filing for divorce in  New Jersey?

As of this writing, court filing fee for filing for divorce in New Jersey is $350

4. Divorce in New Jersey: What is the average hourly rate for Divorce attorneys in New Jersey?

Between $250 – $500 per hour.

5. Divorce in New Jersey: Can I get an order of separation rather than a divorce from the court?

Usually, no. In New Jersey the court typically does not issue orders of separation like they do over in New York.

6. Divorce in New Jersey: Will I have to split everything 50/50 with my spouse as far as my assets?

Not necessarily. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state so unlike states like California, Arizona and Wisconsin, you will not be forced to do a community property 50/50 split but the court could decide that a 50/50 split is “equitable” or “fair” in your situation depending on your specific circumstances.