How can divorce lawyers get page 1 ranking in Google searches? Get Google Juice!

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Google can make or break a divorce lawyer’s career. This is true in New York as much as in other parts of the country and in the rest of the world, no doubt. But in New York, it seems that Google advertising is especially premium. Divorce Lawyers on the first 3 pages of Google (anything after page 3 is really irrelevant if you think about it) are apparently paying close to $20 each time someone clicks on their ads. Can you imagine? That means if 10 people click on the ad, the lawyer has to dish out $200.00 per day! In seven days that is $1,400.00 and there is still no guarantee that the clients will call.

How to be a good divorce lawyer: 20 tips from a neophyte

When clients search for a divorce lawyer or solicitor on Google, they tend to put in keywords such as “aggressvie divorce lawyer,” “top divorce lawyer” and “tough divorce lawyer.” They want someone who they think can best represent their interest and get them the best outcome in divorce court. They are not going to search for things like “peer reviewed divorce lawyer” or “peer endorsed” divorcer lawyer and stuff like that. They want to know what other clients think. So they might look at client reviews and search for things like “divorce lawyer rating” and “divorce lawyer reviews.”