Thank you for using Divorce Saloon International (“DSI”), products, services and trademarks. When referring to DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL trademark and products, and services on packaging, promotional materials, advertising, Web sites, and other ownership items please follow the General DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL Trademark Guidelines set-forth below:
General DIVORCE SALOON Trademark Guidelines 
The name DIVORCE SALOON is a registered trademark. Divorce Saloon is synonymous with one-of a kind, cutting edge divorce news, information, law, and entertainment niche blog in the divorce law blog genre. DIVORCE SALOON’s trademark is extremely valuable to its owner Lawyer X TD Lewis because it represents a standard of uniqueness and excellence in the global divorce & relationship media. The following is a detailed rendering of how to refer to DIVORCE SALOON’s trademark in different scenarios. 
Using DIVORCE SALOON Trademarks in Text 
The way you use of DIVORCE SALOON’s trademark matters to us.You may use DIVORCE SALOON to refer to DIVORCE SALOON’S products and services provided, however, that you refrain from misleading third parties as to any DIVORCE SALOON sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company, or of your products or services without the express permission of DIVORCE SALOON and its owner.
YOU MUST Identify DIVORCE SALOON Brand Products appropriately
When referring to DIVORCE SALOON products and services, apply the appropriate trademark symbols accordingly:

  • You Deserve a new Love Story®
  • Divorce Credit Card®

Use Trademark Notices
Include an attribution of DIVORCE SALOON’s ownership of the trademark(s) in the credit notice section of your documentation or advertisement as follows:

  • DIVORCE SALOON, True Romance, You Deserve a new Love Story and Divorce Credit Card are registered trademarks of Lawyer X and Divorce Saloon International, Inc., a Corporation incorporated in New York in the United States and/or other countries.

Refrain from Using Inappropriate Descriptors of Divorce Saloon
DIVORCE SALOON is a niche blog and website and its trademarks identify specific products and services. Refrain from referring to products and services that bear no relationship to Divorce Saloon’s products with the trademark as detailed above.
Additional Guidelines for Advertising, Marketing, and Product Packaging
You may use the names of DIVORCE SALOON provided the reference complies with the guidelines herein and as specified below:
Refrain from using the DIVORCE SALOON Corporate logo or any other DIVORCE SALOON logos, symbols, or icons except with the express written trademark permission and license from DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL, INC.
The DIVORCE SALOON corporate logo may be used only in limited situations to refer to DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Web Sites
Refrain from using any DIVORCE SALOON trademark in the title of your Web site or as a second-level domain name. You may not use any DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL trademark – for example:

  • You Deserve a new Love Story®

without a license or written specifications from DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL, INC.
Publications, Seminars, and Conferences
You may refer to DIVORCE SALOON INTERNATIONAL products and services in the title of seminars and conferences under the following circumstances:

  1. The publication, seminar, or conference relate to the specific DIVORCE SALOON product, service, or technology referenced.
  2. Your name and logo should appear more prominently than the DIVORCE SALOON word mark on all printed materials related to the magazine, periodical, seminar, or conference.
  3. 3.     A disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by DIVORCE SALOON, similar to the example below, should be included on the publication and in all related printed materials:“(Title) is an independent (publication) and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by DIVORCE SALOON or Waterfall Press Corporation.
  4. You should include a trademark attribution according to the notice format provided in the Use Trademark Notices section of this page.
  5. Refrain from using a DIVORCE SALOON trademark as the leading word or most prominent element in your magazine, periodical, seminar, or conference title. You may use DIVORCE SALOON trademarks in a referential manner such as “XYZ MAGAZINE for the Divorce Saloon BLOG.” Use outside this referential manner (such as “Divorce Saloon Magazine”) requires a license from DIVORCE SALOON and Waterfall Press Corporation.
  6. Refrain from using the DIVORCE SALOON Corporate logo, Divorce Saloon logo, or any other DIVORCE SALOON logo on or in the publication, or on any materials related to the publication, seminar, or conference. Special circumstances may merit a license from DIVORCE SALOON.
  7. Refrain from using a DIVORCE SALOON trademark in any manner that suggests DIVORCE SALOON affiliation with, sponsorship of, or certification of the magazine, periodical, seminar, or conference.

Company, Product, Service, and Domain Names
Refrain from using or registering any DIVORCE SALOON trademark, including DIVORCE SALOON logos, symbols, icons, or any potentially confusing variation thereof, as part of your company name, trade name, product name, service name, or domain name. Placing your company name, trademarks, service marks, or product names next to a DIVORCE SALOON product name is verboten.
Endorsement or Sponsorship
Refrain from using any DIVORCE SALOON trademark in any manner that expresses or implies DIVORCE SALOON affiliation, sponsorship, endorsement, certification, or approval unless you are a sponsor, affiliate or endorser of DIVORCE SALOON. Refrain from use any DIVORCE SALOON trademark in such a manner that it appears DIVORCE SALOON is legally associated with your company. You must display your company name more prominently than any DIVORCE SALOON trademark on all materials.
Merchandise Items
Refrain from manufacturing, selling, or giving away merchandise items, such as T-shirts or mugs, that bear any DIVORCE SALOON trademark, including logos, except pursuant to an express written trademark license from DIVORCE SALOON. This includes DIVORCE SALOON podcasts, store products, videos and book reviews.
Trade Dress and Advertising Elements
Refrain from copying DIVORCE SALOON’s logos, logotypes, trade dress, or other elements of DIVORCE SALOON product packaging and Web sites in ANY of your materials, including but not limited to advertising, product packaging, Web sites, and promotional materials. Under no circumstances is the Divorce Saloon trademark to be used with pornographic materials in any media or through link redirects in the media. Violation of this prohibition will result in a costly lawsuit.
Slogans and Taglines
Refrain from using or imitating any DIVORCE SALOON tagline, including but not limited to “A global, 24/7 Divorce News, Information, Entertainment and Law Blog”